What Stores mount Alpine Touring Bindings to Skis?


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    What Stores mount Alpine Touring Bindings to Skis?

    Searching for a store that will mount alpine-touring bindings to my new skis is like searching for snow in Kansas, it's been a rough journey to say the least.

    I'm sure there's stores that do it up in Vermont (maybe OGE in Burlington), however currently I'm in eastern Massachusetts and everyone in the stores says they can do it, but then calls me back 4 days later saying they can't.

    Some great quotes:
    Sales Rep: "So you mean its a tele binding?" Me: "No it's not"
    Sales Rep: "We are not authorized to mount bindings we don't sell". Me: "See ya!"

    So now I'm asking y'all great skiers of the northeast: Where do you go to mount your Alpine Touring Bindings around the Boston area?

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    Have you tried REI?
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    Post your question here , awesome guys dedicated BC'ers
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    First Trax in West Dover, VT does a lot of touring binding mountings. Might only be a two hour drive for you, but worth it to have it done by someone with experience.

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    I had my bindings mounted by the shop I got my AT boots and a new pair of fat skis. They mounted them well enough but when I got there to pick them up the had removed the rubber soles of the boots claiming they would not work..with my AT bindings. Uh..yeah. I took everything to Mountain OPS in Stowe. The guy laughed about the whole thing, set them all up in minutes. Until you get to VT or NH I don't think a lot of shops deal with AT. They will sell them to you but don't have the experience with them. NOT all shops I'm sure but how would you know. Its worth the drive to save your self from breaking your legs.
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    what kind of ski shop in this day & age can't mount an AT setup? No wonder they're dropping like flies...

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    Base Camp outfitters right at the base of the access road to Killington.

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