Bicknells thrush no longer endangered


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    Bicknells thrush no longer endangered

    The Thrush is no longer considered endangered. What will his mean for NE skiing. Cannon had a lot of restrictions due to the bird. I don't think they apply any longer. I wonder what this means for Mittersill and other areas affected by the prior species designation.

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    Dam bird

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    I guess Bricknells Thrush extermination solutions is going to shut down soon.

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    There are entire areas at ski hills where development, glades, lifts, expansion has been prohibited. This could be quite significant.

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    When does hunting season open and what are the bag limits?

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    Where did you read this information?

    Care to share a link?

    I want to pass this along to the USFS and Wildcat! They have zero developed upper mountain glades due to that freaking bird. This despite having vast acreage of terrain to work with. They need to get their ass to work now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Where did you read this information?
    Google is your friend. Here is one link of many:

    You can thank Mr. Trump for this.

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    [QUOTE=VTKilarney;984299]Google is your friend. Here is one link of many: [url]
    Yes,I will thanks him for recinding Obamas pen stroke legislation putting many of these on the list arbritrarily.That link is certainly an anti Trump site.The link posted to adirondakexplorer seems non political to me.

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