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    Quote Originally Posted by ALLSKIING View Post
    Thanks for your service!


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    See... "snowflakes" can have worthy ideas and change the shape of the nation.

    I recall John Kerry being vilified for being both a war vet and a protester. Pisses me off because we are all tiny peons at the mercy of the leaders (who in recent history have been able to use privilege to skirt armed service). I'm in a very lucky age group that didn't really have to contend with a war - I realized that decades ago and feel forever fortunate. Holding my breath that my 12yo boy has the same fortune. I admit I'm worried for him and his father was a Korean War vet...astounding it could rear its head for his grandson.

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    I can't watch it...
    That shit was messed up.. My family lost people early in the conflict - my Mom would change the channel when it came on the news. I had uncles serving there - my family was terrified... My Dad was in the Army reserves and worked stateside on stuff for it - he was very military but disagreed with it... I remember how upset people were when soldiers returned home to insults.. I remember a bunch of bd stuff..

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