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View Poll Results: Who will be open by early next week? (you can choose multiple)

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  • Killington

    28 82.35%
  • Sunday River

    28 82.35%
  • Sugarloaf

    7 20.59%
  • Okemo

    10 29.41%
  • Loon

    7 20.59%
  • Jay

    4 11.76%
  • Bretton Woods

    12 35.29%
  • Mount Snow

    16 47.06%
  • Jiminy Peak

    5 14.71%
  • Wildcat

    15 44.12%
  • Woodbury

    4 11.76%
  • Another hill that doesn't usually partake in early season action

    3 8.82%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I have hopes of seeing Barker fired up Sunday at SR. They will likely start making Aurora too but doubt we see that this weekend. They have some different plans this year for racing vs public. I know the new Spruce chair is planned to link Barker to Aurora (vs saying thru South Ridge) and I think it will be ready by Thanksgiving weekend. I am also curious to see if K makes a push down to the K1 or just stockpiles the Ridge trails this week. I think Loon will push hard as well as Mount Snow and Okemo this week.

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    I'm very surprised to see Mount Snow as the most voted option after SR and Killington. They've never been early-openers...or even close, really. They posted a teaser image on FB with them dragging hoses on the North Face. Okemo and Bretton Woods are much more likely to push openings, based on their pasts.

    Of course I'm not complaining...I'd take Mount Snow with Long John, The Gulch, Cascade/Canyon, and a North Face option over Killington with the North Ridge and a WROD down Snowdon leading to Bunny Buster and the end of Chute to get to the Snowdon Quad.

    I have Sunday off of work surprisingly and will ski if there's a place top-to-bottom and the weather is OK.
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    Guns have been on a few hours at the River. You can see Upper punch and T2 shining white.
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    North ridge cam looks very white

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    Temps are looking really good Later this week. The concern is early next week with a bit of rain in the forecast. Looks to be in the low 40's...which isn't bad. But rain won't help.

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    Its going to be in the single digits above 3000 feet for much of VT Friday night. If that translates to 15 degrees a 2000 feet, there will be a lot of production not only this week, but just in that over night period.

    Will be interesting to see who opens. I suspect Killington and Sunday River will be trying for tomorrow with their typical early season offerings.


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    I definitely skied Mount Snow on veteran's day one year. IIRC it was Long John/Deer Run and Standard/Canyon or similar. This would have been approx 1993. Then again, as I posted in another thread....I also skied Jiminy on Veteran's day 92. That's a good story for another thread, it involves a very angry father and pouring rain.

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    Wow! Mount Snow first to announce an opening this weekend. Still think Killington will be open first.

    ETA: The announcement included Wildcat, so it was a tie.
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    Killington: 12/9, 2/24, 4/21, 5/26
    Windham: 12/26, 3/4
    Mohawk: 1/15
    Stratton: 1/26
    Mountain Creek: 2/4
    Jiminy Peak: 2/10
    Mount Southington: 2/17
    Sunday River: 3/16
    Bromley: 3/18
    Pico: 3/23
    Jay Peak: 4/7

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    Wildcat opens Saturday

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderpig View Post
    Wow! Mount Snow first to announce an opening this weekend. Still think Killington will be open first.
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