Jay trip - typical best time for Green Beret and face chutes?


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    Jay trip - typical best time for Green Beret and face chutes?

    I know that weather dictates this can be different each year but it can't hurt to see if there's any pattern at all, right?

    I'd like to book a weekend up at Jay and I've always wanted to ski GB and the face. I'm booked at SB in early February and in Utah early March but otherwise open. Is my best bet late February or mid to late March? How is Jay during February vacation, packed with families due to the water park?

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    Mid - late March is often really good. It really depends on the winter and how much snow falls compared to thaw freeze cycles.

    I used to ski Jay at least 5 or so days per season but have been slacking lately, mainly because I find it gets tracked out a lot faster then it used to. It does get pretty crowded on weekends and I bet President's week is jammed. When I had a kid in school we used to drive up to Ste. Anne and Le Massif for February vacation and hit Jay for a day on the way home. It wasn't ridiculously crowded midweek of Presidents week, but I haven't been that week in 7 years. I think that predates the water park by 1 year.

    I mostly play the wait and see game and will only go when it snows. Harder to find lodging but you know it will be worth it.
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    Let's see if this works. My wife on Green Beret, April 9th last year. Best snow of the whole season, east or west.

    The truth is Jay gets enough snow that any time from December through April can be very, very prime.

    Green Beret is not as tough as the Face Chutes so conditions are a bit less of a factor if you're good with steep blacks as long as it's not icy. My wife has only been skiing for 3 seasons, and not a huge amount of days.

    In regards to crowds I personally try not to go to Jay on Saturdays unless it's April.

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    Thanks for the replies. I think that late March makes the most sense for me and it sounds like a good option in general.

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    I've had my best days at Jay in late Feb/March... some pretty good ones in April too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post

    That looks prime.

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