Okemo - 11/12/2017


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    Okemo - 11/12/2017

    Not typing it again:


    In short: Very good day for November 12th.

    I am tired!

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    Nice pics and report... I see a sick day or two in my near future.

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    Wow, great coverage on the trails.
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    Both Nor'easter and WC look(ed) nice WJ....just what I would need...

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    I might go there this week, but the $70+ "early season rate" is a bit of a deterrent.

    I guess if you buy advance online it could be done for $50. A little more fair for desperate times.

    Glad to see at least prices are dropped, but compared to regular season Okemo prices @ $110 it's mostly just a reflection of how absurd their prices have become.

    Understandable for the crowded resorts like Okemo that cater towards higher income Connecticut clientele. I guess they have plenty of visitors at Okemo and their best weapon to attract early season ski bums is opening more terrain than Killington.

    Got to give them credit but maybe I'll check it out after Thanksgiving with some more options (and maybe worth burning a VT pass).

    My message to ski resorts is... drop your ticket prices, raise the prices for other stuff. I will plan accordingly. But if you think I'm trying to go triple digits on a day of skiing (or over $40-$50 max), I'll go elsewhere. And this is historically why I'm not an Okemo customer, as much as I appreciate their early season push.

    Okemo has no regular season offers or BOGOs so good for them, they have that Connecticut loyal skier base, and nothing against Connecticut, it's just that all the skiers I know from CT ***LOVE*** Okemo, so they must be doing something right in terms of marketing.

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