Japanese ski resort hit by volcano eruption


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    Japanese ski resort hit by volcano eruption

    Skiers injured by flying rocks on Japanese volcano (abc NEWS)

    This happened at Kusatsu Kokusai Ski Resort in Gunma prefecture. It is not a major ski resorts like some in Nagano, but it is very special resort to be in Kusatsu, one of the best known hot spring resort in Japan. Also the ski resort is one of the oldest in Japan (Opened 1914). I have skied there once or twice when I was a child, but don't believe they had this gondola back then to the top of the mountain where it erupted.

    Here is the footage from the security camera which capture the moment of eruption.

    Here is a the footage taken by a skier.

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    Its like out off a bad action movie, but freaking real! I would need a change of underwear!

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    Looks surreal, seems like I'll be changing my plans of going to China for some skiing... Although it could happen anywhere else, there's a dozen of active volcanos that can erupt anytime.
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    That is crazy... Some huge rocks knocking trees down in that first video. OOF

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