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    2 fantastic days at Wachusett.

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    Last Sunday at Mt Snow ... was great!

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    Last Sunday at Sunday River
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    Not yet but I have the week after Thanksgiving off and am planning to hit Mount Snow. Hoping for terrain expansion by then, but even if they still have the same 11 trails open that they have now, it'll be a good way to ease my legs into the season.
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    Nope. Blew off Wa opening day and now my next chance is day before Thanksgiving

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    Nope, I'm still mountain biking nightly.

    Mine probably won't be until mid December when the local hill opens

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    Hopefully, by Christmas. I tend to go more late season, than early. Down here anything before Christmas is real early.

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    Outside chance at Black Friday, or that Saturday, but first weekend in Dec. more likely will be my first day.

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    Kicking off the season at BW on Saturday. Then moving over to Cannon next weekend...hope to be there for opening day on Friday!

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    Day 1 in the books last Sunday at Mount Snow, day's 2 and 3 at Mount Snow on tap for this weekend, and then 2 to 3 days (depending on if I take a few runs at the women's world cup at Killington on Thanksgiving Saturday before the race or just spectate), should have me at 5 to 6 November days this season! Which would be my most November days in a really long time, if not my entire 39 season ski career!
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