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    Quote Originally Posted by GregoryIsaacs View Post
    Any chance we could have a season pass-holders brush cutting day?

    Im dying to cut some lines in Plunge!
    It's something we've considered, but we're working through the liability side of things first.
    Maybe next summer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigo View Post
    Any chance you could persuade your colleagues at Crotched and Wildcat to open similar lines of communication?
    We'll pass along the note, but it's really up to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregoryIsaacs View Post
    I couldn't see plunge as being more than 200 feet of vertical... Id say a couple decent lines could get done by a couple willing/abled bodies in one weekend.

    I do remember a couple of years back when the mountain was waiting for EB-5 they had a whole stagnant workforce that was used to clear some trees throughout the mountain and it made a world of difference
    It's a TON of work, and hard work at that. You need to really have people that are accostomed to putting in long days working outdoors with their hands. Not saying you guys aren't, but just saying it's not as easy as just cutting a few lines here and there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laxski View Post
    Or more lift capacity out of Carinthia with the New Lodge. And hopefully a high speed in Sunbrook Soon.....
    The Sunbrook Lift is the next logical lift we'd replace.

    We're also working on some plans to be able to expand the capacity of the existing lifts at the Carinthia Base Area, but that won't happen for this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytrem View Post
    A bunch of the lodge rubble has been move over to the main face below Yardsale. I'm guessing it's to flatten out the that pitch and hopefully spread people out a bit.

    Attachment 23939
    Bingo! The plan is to help expand that pinch point and help with the flow of people back to the base area. We figured it would be a fitting burial for some of the old Carinthia Lodge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcb890 View Post
    Can we extend the Spring Season Pass Pricing for those of us who were asleep at the wheel earlier this off-season (now up $100)?
    Can I be 29 for a day to get the Drifter Pass instead?

    I'm sure we all know the answers, but you asked for it!
    We gave a ton of time and notice for everyone.

    Sorry man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icecoast1 View Post
    Are there any other major capital projects going on this summer besides the new carinthia lodge? Any trails getting snowmaking added?
    Not this season, but we're working through the process to begin expanding snowmaking once again potentially next summer.

    That being said, we've put in a ton of thought and planning into how we run our new West Lake System, and we're going to come out of the gates swinging once we get the temps this year. Talking with some of the guys on snowmaking, it's going to be amazing to see how fast we plan to open trails this year once we get the temps.

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    This is fun!
    Who else has questions for us?

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    How about a new web cam at Carinthia pointed at the new lodge so we can watch the progress?

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    How many restaurants/bars will be in the new lodge? Have any names/themes been decided yet?

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