Windham Fri. 11/24/17


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    Windham Fri. 11/24/17

    Skied Windham in the Catskills on Friday 11/24/17. Rode down with Dick, Cornhead and Don. Met up with Jim G and Snolocal. One trail, the main one - top to bottom was open. Also the steep trail off of the top - "The Wall" was also open. Got in several runs for my first day of the season.

    A few pics:

    Jim G followed by Cornhead

    Cornhead (new helmet)

    New pisten Bully



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    one more pic


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    Not bad for free, not uber crowded, zero lift line. When we pulled in there were quite a few cars parked in the lower lots. We assumed the upper lot was full, it wasn't, the cars in the lower lot were all employee's cars. There were more employee's cars there than customer's. A few slick spots, caught myself on most, went down once, landed on my back, head hit fairly hard. My skis stayed on. I was glad I had a helmet on. It was nice The Wall was open, it added a bit of challenge and variety to otherwise one trail down.

    Beautiful day, I was done about an hour before everyone else in our group and just sat in an an Adirondack chair in the sun waiting for them to finish. A chilly wind would blow occasionally, but otherwise it was comfy.

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