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    Snow ridge last year, after a lake effect I tried getting an edge on the edge of a gully. Apparently lake effect snow is too light to stick to steep terrain so I ended up skidding on dirt and roots.

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    I actually had to climb through the woods to get off at trail once at Sugarbush. I don't know ME as well as LP and it had rained a few days before. The groomed runs were icy but fine / carve-able. I came off of a flat groomed trail onto a slightly steeper trial (could have been hammerhead or encore perhaps?). The ice was as bad as I've ever seen. I couldn't believe the trail was open. My usual MO in this situation is to ride over towards the edge and use the scrapped up snow on the edge of the trail to ride down. When I got near the edge the ice was even worse - thick, wet, blue ice. I was lucky I wasn't riding too fast because I had to stop right at the very edge of the woods where finally I bit into the hard-pack snow just a foot or two from the trees. The only option in my opinion was to unbind and walk through the woods backed to a nearby groomed trail. It was slow going as there was an uphill element to the walk and my snowboard boots weren't easily breaking through the crust.

    We later learned that over at LP someone died on Sleeper due to similar trail conditions. There is no way this trail should have been open.

    All of the other sketchy times I've had on the slope have been my own damn fault (going too fast, failing to see another skier or an obstacle, ducking a rope, etc). This one was scary to me because of the near tree collision and how it unavoidable the situation was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benski View Post
    Snow ridge last year, after a lake effect I tried getting an edge on the edge of a gully. Apparently lake effect snow is too light to stick to steep terrain so I ended up skidding on dirt and roots.
    Ha, I remember that, I thought wtf is he doing? That edge of the ravine you went down is practically vertical, glad you didn't get hurt. That's close to the spot where on opening day 2013 a guy popped off that ledge, did a 180, grinded on a tree branch, and disappeared. I asked the two boards standing near the edge if he stuck the landing, they said no. Luckily there was 50" where he landed, as long as you didn't land upside down, it'd be tough to get hurt.

    I skied around and when I got to him he was looking for his ski. I told him I'd help, but I could barely stand up. He laughed and said that's OK, I'll get it in the Spring if I don't find it. Incredible day. The day we were there didn't suck either. I remember people hooting at me as I skied under the chair. If not two feet, pretty close.

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    Whiteface has had some sporty slide for life.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Not me, but I know of someone who skied in some conditions so sketchy that they had to throw their skis down the Kitchen Wall at Stowe. Can safely say no one else here has ever faced something that sketchy before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingslug View Post
    Whiteface has had some sporty slide for life.
    You mean ICE FACE?

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    When you ski at Cannon 50 times a year for 40+ years I would say I've been in those conditions hundreds of times.What doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?So far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    What Tele said. Born and raised northeast skier. Too many times to single out any 1 day. That which doesn't kill you only serves to make you stronger. . .
    Glad there are others who basically think it's normal.

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    Totally Self Inflicted ! ....Tucks 40f bluebird day Only decided to take two water bottles...I'll fill up at Hojo's. Yeah? . Hung out a wile on the deck with my group watching runs down Hillmans. I passed up the water pump and kept going as there was a nice wind blowing so I didn't feel warm . Got to the bowl and decided on Left Gully after going up 50yds the wind completely died . After struggling with the boot path set by some tall people (steps were a stretch for me ) I was baking on the 30min crawl . The last third of the climb I noticed a girl in a blue jacket not moving near the exit at the top . As I got closer I saw someone trying to encourage her to make it up. She was terrified and just froze. The way out at the top had to be near 55 degrees , you had 2 slots to grab and side step up 50ft or so . Meanwhile a log jamb was developing behind me , someone suggested try going straight up. I couldn't see above me as there was a rock blocking my view. Another 50ft and things turned to ice ! !@##$%%6. Fortunately someone below had crampons ,pulled out of line and made a new path 20ft to my right. A bit relived to see a way out as I down climbed to get to the new track my legs cramped up to the point I couldn't move! After an eternity I was able to make it up and get my skis on , three turns and Bam locked up again !@@#$$. I found a god sent boulder that was flat and spent half an hour recuperating. I had a pretty good run but locked up again near the bottom . Went and got some water and had a descent run to the parking lot . It was still my best Ski day despite a stupid decision .
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    Drapers drop at whiteface. Race ready=Frozen pond on the side of a hill!
    Upper Thruway and Mountain Run were pretty brutal last time I was there (*until the 50" of snow fell starting that day).

    Mountain Run in particular, I took my wife down it with me, one of those runs where you basically point and shoot and expect to skid out of control for at least a while. Every time you stop, look up at the wife for safety. She did alright. I think we had a drink at the bar after that, then the snow started

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