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    I hope you made it. I went yesterday. Despite the food drive bringing the ticket price down to $27, it wasn't very crowded at all. Quite a bit of terrain open to spread people out. There wasn't a single lift line all day. Snow conditions were typical early season man made snow. Lots of hardpack and granular in places, but plenty of fun. Upper mountain skied better than lower.

    Also, 3 hours from Boston? You must live in a neighborhood that's difficult to get to the highway. On a weekend with no commuter traffic, Cannon is 2 hours tops from Boston. Google maps lists 2 hours and 7 minutes and their estimates are always conservative.

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    Thanks for the report on conditions and the non-crowds. I did not go. Well, too bad, it would have been nice to burn up my quads. Whatever I try in terms of conditioning, nothing comes even close to actually skiing.

    As to the distance to my favorite NH ski mountain, it's 152 miles for me. I live in Hyde Park/Milton border. Google Maps puts it at 2h 29 minutes but since there is always traffic on South East Expressway, the actual trip time is closer to 3 hours or me. So 6 hours of driving per day trip - it's a factor.
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    Yup,Top skied softer than the bottom but ski on all morning.


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