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    I was there last week, 12/2. Lots was not filled but maybe 3-4 rows to entrance. The place was crowded with race and ski school, racks was filled during lunch. I could see cars coming in to pick up kids during afternoon, so the place along with sister mtn must be getting high volume from these programs.

    As for conditions, not bad, trails held up and they left some ungroom in the usual spots where the man made spills over. The natural trails have no cover. If you venture over to the ungroom, the snow is hard and windblown and maybe iced given the non crystalline stuff they had mid week. So bring the sharp skis....
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    I️ think I️ asked this same question last year but does anyone know how to access the brook between Attitash and Bear peak. Iíve always thought there had to be secret runs through there but never could find it until last year when I️ stumbled across this video did it confirm its existence.


    Iím not trying to steal anyoneís secret stash and totally get is as I️ too am very sensitive of the info regarding my favorite hidden lines at the cat, but from the looks of this video this run isnít gonna have itís snow stripped anytime soon.

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    If u know the entrance but donít want to put it out there on the internet, send me a private message and maybe Iíll return the favor on 1 of my favorite zones

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