12/21/17 Cannon: Overall, very good to excellent snow on top of the mountain. Middle, not bad. Anything off Zoomer lift - rather crappy, harsh, frozen hardpack. It was possible to get enough edge in to stay in control, but just not fun. Even the corduroy was frozen solid and cutting across it was a teeth chattering experience.

Cruising from the top of the Peabody quad on Middle Cannon down to Lower Cannon, or similar line on Middle Ravine down was fun.
But the best skiing was definitely on top. I was lapping runs off the Cannonball quad for the most part. Fresh snow ( 2-4 inches here and there, mostly broken up, loose powder) mixed in with good quality man made cover. Having the slopes essentially to myself, I could lay down some nice turns. It felt good. Profile, Skylight, Tramway and Vista Way were exceptionally good.
Vista Way even had some budding moguls.

But it was cccold. Even in the afternoon when it supposedly warmed up a bit, I definitely felt the cold biting through. Not having been in cold weather for quite some time, I just under dressed. The top of the mountain must have been in single digits. Thankfully, there was little wind.

It was definitely mittens day and I should have worn my "expedition weight" thermals. Having gloves and lighter layers forced me to take a lodge break every hour.
That was actually OK since this was my first time out and my quads were complaining almost from the get-go. The boots got super stiff too, so my shins were not too happy either.

Still, it was a beautiful day and the on/off cloudiness on top of Cannon made for some very interesting light conditions. I'm glad I got out and primed my legs. It's really great that Cannon continues to offer the Tue, Th two-fer.
It's a real value to ski a 2000' vertical for $ 38.50