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    Fine with me. I'm not able to break away till after New Years and this is good base building stuff for now.

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    Especially for Southern VT, today's icing event in the big scheme of things is a GREAT thing!! While they did receive 18-24" of snow in the past 10 days or so, it was light and fluffy and fell on essentially bare ground, and while the naturals and trees LOOKED good, while skiing them, you quickly realized that there was little real base.... Add in today's icing on the snow that fell yesterday, and then a likely moderate Christmas Day snowfall, and it will be better than before...

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    Was planning on going to Snow the 29th then Wildcat the 30th-31st... That mountain is cold on a normal day though so this does not look great. May have to chill out at Attitash instead. Hopefully it isn't too crowded and they can use the cold to make some snow and expand terrain at least... that place has some good trails and surprisingly decent trees when it's all open.

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    Getting cold just looking at the forcast for stowe 28th and 29th. Southern VT doesnt look that bad in comparison. Still cold enough to keep people in the lodge though.

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    My shop going on appointments only schedule Thur/Fri. Ton of snow here but, -10 as a high...chilly.

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    Downwards of 30 below windchill at K on tuesday..Even I wont go out in that.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    With the ridiculous day ticket prices, one would think many tickets have already been bought in advance. Will there be less people on the mountain? Absolutely with those temps. The on-mountain bars and lodges could be packed though especially if people already paid for the tickets/lodging for the holiday period. People will go, ski a run or two and then head to the bar. I'm sure you'll lose some revenue compared to having warmer temps, but I'm not quite sure what the exact correlation these days is between how crowded the mountain looks and how much money they're making that day.

    If someone has pre-paid tickets that can be used any day of the season, then those people could stay away, but ultimately they will still show up to the mountain at some point this season to use them. So overall you may lose some money this week but make it up on those people elsewhere during the season.

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    Looks like the catskills will be well below the temperature..of liquid ill be at Hunter saturday.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    I got curious and looked up Whiteface's weather. 40+ mph winds and -55 windchill before dawn on Thursday. Practically balmy compared to Mount Washington... 90+ mph winds and -70 windchill. Good god.

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    At least it looks good for the local hills...0 degrees in VT means 15-20 degrees in the Flatlands. Coupled with White Christmas mania and temps that make people think of skiing without scaring them away I'm hoping for a good week at Thunder Ridge!
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