Winter park for 1/2 day?


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    Winter park for 1/2 day?

    We are headed out to Colorado spending several days at Steamboat with our Max pass. Plan on spending the first night in Denver as our flight gets in late then skiing Winter Park since it is more or less on the way to Steamboat. Probably will end up not skiing a full day and with getting used to altitude, this will be a weekday so crowds should not be a big factor.

    Winter Park is directly on the way to Steamboat but seems like it may be a hassle to park and find a place to boot up from some online comments I have seen. Anyone been there and can report, they seem to have paid and free parking not clear if any are near the lifts? Some have shuttle buses but looks like they drop you off fairly far from the lifts?

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    we always park (and ski) on the mary jane side. parking was free and easy lift access plus better terrain.

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    Agree with skiadikt. Park at MJ, just did the same trip, leaving Steamboat tomorrow.

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    I did the same thing last year but we hit Copper on the way to SS and then WP on the way back. With getting out of SS and the drive, we only skied a half day at WP - it was totally worth it (esp since it was "free" with the max pass). I posted a lot of stuff about that trip. Links to 2 of my posts below. I've got about 3-4 others from that trip if you wanna see how we did it.

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    Haven't skied Winter Park in over ten years, but yes, the Mary Jane area offered free parking close to lifts. You can walk from the lot to a flat trail, put your skis on, and ski a short distance to the lift or continue on the cat track to main base area lifts. Mary Jane is famous for burly bump runs, but you can ski easier runs around the periphery. Winter Park now has free parking near the main base at a lot served by a cabriolet lift. This might be less convenient to return to your car for a forgotten item, but it might be slightly quicker for evening departure to Steamboat as this cabriolet lot is very near Rt 40. There is more free parking around the main base, but required a shuttle bus ride. The close-in parking at main base cost money.
    Trail map:
    Since it would be a free day on your pass, would definitely recommend a day at Winter Park, even if just for 4 or 5 hours. I'd wager a lot of Coloradans like it better than Steamboat, but Steamboat has a neat "downtown" for vacationers to check out.

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    It was a long time ago but I did the same thing - up early to Ski Winter Park (Mary Jane) and then drove rest of way to Steamboat. WELL worth it. I recall skiing a full day with 6-8" fresh and large moguls. But I was in my 20's then........
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