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    White knuckle lift rides at B East this morning til the winds died down, awesome out now

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    Big crowds this weekend... probably because not many skied last weekend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skimagic View Post
    Southern vermont cant catch a break, finally warmer temps, sunny skies, for today ...and wind holds....

    then rain on the way.... I love New England!
    My thoughts exactly. There was a good amount of traffic heading up from the flatlands last night. We opted to not ski today and get some other things done. Got a text from a friend at Stratton that the upper mountain was on a wind hold. We'll give things ago tomorrow. Hoping that everyone will be too occupied watching football.
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    No different at SR. Got a few great runs in on ShockWave off WH from the bell. Third ride up I knew windhold we're imminent, chairs were swinging very close to towers. Winds never died down here, seem to still be cranked all the way to the base now. Oh well. The new Spruce stayed up all day at least, allowing fun but short laps on the recently made upper Vortex too. Hope for better tomorrow. Should be a net base gain from Mon-Tues storm here though the surface left behind won't be too nice.

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    Pico was awesome this morning. No wind issues and soft groomers. Hope they make it through the next warm spell.

    Did anyone hit their natural snow trails? I skied some low angle stuff on Friday and that was fine. Coverage was thin and the base was rock solid but the little snow they had last week was making a big difference.

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    Magic was stellar today. No wind holds.

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    Limited terrain but good stuff

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    Stratton lift line 9am ish

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    That's crazy. Even if Magic had only one trail open, I can't understand why so many people would subject themselves to that thinking it's a more enjoyable alternative

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    Killington had some windholds and bad lines this morning as well. Eventually they got everything open but I waited in some 20+ minute singles lines in the morning.

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