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    Been there twice. Only place i will never hit again. Flatton.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Good place to go with beginner skiers. I always park at sunbowl on the weekends. Its like a small base area and It's usually less crowded for a bit on the weekends.

    If they get snow, the kidderbrook sunbowl area gets the least amount grooming

    The high speed 6 packs put too many people on the trails on the weekend IMO.

    Don't hit the Ursa lift after 10am on the weekends.

    There is actually some decent terrain if you know where to look, and if they leave anything not groomed it usually holds up ok since the typical skier/rider there is looking for corduroy and they steer clear. Last year, or the year before, they had like sidecountry gates at all the ungroomed terrain trails, it was pretty funny.

    They are super slow to open terrain. Maddeningly so.

    Lot of bogner types and hard carving dentists.

    20% interesting

    30% meh

    50% not even worth going on trail unless of course you are cruising around with beginners.

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    Fun mountain mid week. Def go over to the sun bowl side. way more low key.

    the gondola seems to be a waste. they should have put a 6 pack bub in there instead.

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    I am fairly committed to not returning there any time soon. I like to ski not stand in lines and walk through entire lodges unable to find a seating space.

    If I had a free Stratton ticket I'd use it on a week day but more likely I'd trade it for something else.

    Since we're comparing... Much rather ski Okemo for all reasons. Saying Stratton has better terrain than Mt Snow is also debatable, but they do have more woods. Even though the first 2/3 of the famous Test Pilot is green circle flat.

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    Sounds like a good place to look for a sugar momma

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    The crowds and usual clientele are the worst at Stratton.

    I'd much rather go to Mt. Snow personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcb890 View Post

    I'd much rather go to Mt. Snow personally.
    I decided to buy a pass this year, first time ever. Was between Stratton and Mt snow for cost, convience. I skied lSnow a. Zillion times so rolled with the Strat.
    I'm not too impressed, a bit flatter than I thought.
    To make it harder, I'm going to dust off the tele gear.
    No moguls anywhere, cept in the trees. I haven't been on weekends yet but figure to hide in the Snowbowl. Or make the drive to magic. Too bad they are closed early midweek, otherwise I'd be there.

    Next season is mt snow pass most likely, more trail variety

    Snowflakes matter

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    We've been passholders there for the last 3-4 years IIRC. We switched from Mt. Snow because the runs are a bit longer and there's a little more variety. Our opinions; not trying to start a debate here.

    Like most SoVT areas, it can get busy on the weekends depending on conditions. Utilizing the fixed grip (Putt-putt lifts) can work to your advantage. Lodges are nice and the village is a nice place to walk around.
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    A lot of the feedback here reminds me of something Yogi Berra once said when referring to a trendy night club year ago,...."Nobody goes there anymore - it's too crowded!"

    I own a condo at Stratton, but have skied most of the VT resorts as well as several out west. The best things about Stratton are the village for shopping/restaurants, the snowmaking and grooming. If you can only get off on steeps, go somewhere else. Stratton isn't terribly challenging, which is more apparent with their grooming. The trees are fun, when there's natural snow. But the reason people like it enough to pack the parking lots every weekend is that it's fairly close to NYC and you can truly park your car and not touch it for a long weekend. Everything you need is right at the mountain and within walking distance. Yes, things can be pricy and there is definitely a "Bogner" crowd, but they're in the minority and most people are just there to ski and have fun.

    I've only skied Okemo once, but have been to Snow many times. I think the crowds are similar at the other southern VT mountains. You probably need to head to Sugarbush / Stowe to avoid some of the crowds, but they're 2hrs farther north.

    Everything in life is a compromise.

    Speaking of grooming / snow making. Stratton did a great job recovering from Friday's weather fiasco. There's still more work to be done, but the conditions today were remarkably better than yesterday. I was impressed they were able to turn things around so quickly.

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    Good to hear about the recovery. Hoping to head out this weekend.
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