Cannon the 17th Feb.


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    Cannon the 17th Feb.

    No Boundaries has a 55.00 deal for Cannon Saturday. I have read of ice and wind here so need to know the best days to hit this mountain and what conditions are ideal. The price can't be beat.

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    I have not been to Cannon this year but only because I am trying to squeeze a lot of value out of my Max Pass add on. In March I expect to hit it a few times. Last year I had a Pico Pass and a weekday Cannon pass so I would hit it whenever I had a day off and never regretted it. In the last few years Cannon has improved their ability to make snow drastically. Their grooming has gotten better as well but maybe not as noticeably. Friday - Monday the tram runs. If that is important to you make sure you hit it then. Yes it can be windy but I have had more normal days there than ones I would consider very windy. At least in the past if they expect major delays they will post in the ski report in advance. Generally the Mittersill side is calmer and the lift is lower which helps. A great mountain and worth a shot. Ideal conditions there are ideal anywhere, fresh snow and blue skies. That being said I would take Cannon over anyplace in NH 99% of the time.
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    It's cold. Bring more layers than you would to Loon or Waterville. It's on the other side of the Notch so it can sometimes have drastically different weather patterns than just south. Recently I went up on Super Bowl Sunday, it was a blah overcast day in Lincoln but as soon as I came around the turn in the Notch it was snowing hard and very windy, and a car had flipped off the road. Ended up being too windy to run most lifts but that is by far the windiest I have seen Cannon. However sometimes the geography means Cannon will get snow when Loon won't. When it's on it's on, and it's for sure my favorite ski area in NH (though Wildcat is similar in many ways and a close second). It's also pretty much never terribly busy compared to most other areas nearby, though the main slopes on the upper and middle sections of the Peabody pod will be skied off even on powder days because they are somewhat of a bottleneck. It's for sure a good choice on weekends/holidays when the masses get off at exits 28 and 32.

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    Go there when the conditions are dank and you plan to ski gnar.

    Otherwise better options for intermediate skeirs. I would go there more often but NH is a little out of the way compared to anywhere in VT except for Jay or Smuggs.
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