Stratton 2-12-2018: C is for Cookie


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    Stratton 2-12-2018: C is for Cookie

    We had the day off so we headed up.

    The good:
    Ample sunshine
    No lift lines (Gondi was practically walk on all day)
    Comfortable temps

    Conditions were rough. Think of that first chair run you take in the spring; it was warm the day before and setup over night. Every run was like that. Due to the rain Sunday, they couldn't groom until really early in the morning Monday. Many trails were pretty firm, but you could edge. Others just had cookies all over place. West Meadow was tough. I felt bad for a few of the families I saw attempting to get down. Steeple Chase was firm, but fast. Not bad. That's really all that was open at Sun Bowl. They had two groomers on that side of the mountain out mid day. Going up the main face, anything that wasn't groomed looked shiny.

    Run of the day was Black Bear to Mulligan's.

    Not the best day, but we made the most of it.

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    I was there on Friday, and it was beautiful.

    No lift lines (except the gondola, so I never rode that), beautiful soft snow, everything open, fun times in the woods.

    My best Stratton day ever.

    Really unfortunate how quickly things changed.

    Hopefully we get back to actual winter at some point before next season.

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    which run is steeple chase?

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    I goofed that one bad. Lower Middlebrook is what we skied. I get that confused with Churchill Downs...and apparently confuse trail names as well.

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    Oh I thought it was an old name of a trail before intrawest bought it or something.

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    Coulda been! But most likely, me not remembering correctly.

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