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    Paid $349 for my Max Pass last year as an add-on and beat the s--t out of it. Steamboat/Gore/Loon/Windham/Belleayre/St Anne. Gonna miss the Catskills for an easy day trip and Gore as a low cost way to ski a fun mountain. The Sugarbush addition is cool though. The question is Wyoming or Utah?

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    The base pass is almost definitely targeted at a replacement for the RMSP.

    I wish there was either 1) an add-on option or 2) that the Boyne resorts weren't all lumped together. If you got 5 days at SL, SR, and Loon each, the base pass would be what I'd get and I would be stoked.

    Don't know if I will be getting this yet. I do 10 days out west and 40 back east or so. so $899 is steep for what I'll ski as I will need another pass besides this, even if I get the $899 version (I'm not skiing more than 3ish days at Stratton). The only reason I'm looking is because they got Sugarbush added to it. That was amazing of them to get SB on the pass as they really needed one more eastern destination.

    I'll be interested in the MCP this year. Probably not Vail even if they get another eastern resort as I'd be too concerned about crowds.

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    Prior FAQ:

    Will any other mountains be added? No...this is the final list.

    Final list....added Sugarbush.

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    also added revelstoke, pretty substantial adds. not complaining.

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    This looks like a really strong offering for my situation. I can't get that much time off work to ski enough days for the limits to really matter, and the list of eastern resorts is good except for Stratton.

    I was thinking of two trips out west next season and the mountains on the list cover a lot of geography, so it should be possible to avoid a region that doesn't get the goods. Might have to throw in a Canada trip too. Revelstoke would be very interesting to me.

    Bummer that it doesn't have any days at WaWa. Would probably have to pony up for a few night sessions there for days when I get the shakes and need a fix, but that's not too costly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    The only people who seem to think this pass is worse must post on this board
    Right and this is an northeast skiing and snowboarding forum. Clearly, unless someone really likes Stratton, or is in a position to take multiple western trips, this is a step down from Max.

    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    For any Eastern skier that is debating an Epic purchase, this is a no brainer. Compared to the Max pass (which is 779 bucks) the tradeoffs are way better.
    I completely disagree about this being better than Max for the northeast skier. Unless you really love Stratton what makes it better? Apart from unlimited at Stratton there are fewer days in NY / New England overall, fewer eastern options, a higher price tag and no add on option.

    I think this IKON pass is a total fail for most New England based skiers when compared to what the Max pass was.

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    I don't know about it being "better" as a whole, but it is acceptable for sure, and I'm not angry like I thought I would be. also, sugarbush is better than any eastern mountain that was on max. max's huge gaping hole was good terrain in northern vt.

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    As someone who has a house in Southern VT and was planning to take the family out west next year (and maybe take a boy's trip too) , this gives me a lot of options. K is great. Bush too. This and a Magic pass will work nicely.

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    Unless something has changed, the Ikon Pass does not include Pico. It seems so strange that it wouldn't, but according to this article, it's explicitly not included per the Killington CEO:


    I hope that changes.

    I understand that the Ikon pass is great for lots of people, but for folks like me who consider Pico their home mountain, it's a terrible deal. My Pico pass plus MAX add-on last year was around $680 for me. If I still want to ski unlimited at Pico, the Pico pass plus Ikon base would be around $1000. That's a huge increase, and we lose the option to ski Okemo, which is actually the closest mountain to where we stay.
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    For me this is a great pass, at least for next year, but only because they added Sugarbush. $600 for the base pass for me and $150 for my son is less than what we'd pay for SB tickets and now my trip to Jackson Hole next year is covered.

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