Which area in estern PA has the easiest beginer area? Looking for wide and flat.


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    Which area in eastern PA has the easiest bunny hill area? Looking for wide and flat.

    Just started to get back into skiing to teach my kids. Im interested in finding a really flat hill for them to learn. We are close to rt 78 and 80. We went to Camelback over this past weekend. Their green hill was wide and has two lifts but a bit steep... after a few hours of heavy traffic it was way to fast for them. Any recommendations?

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    Are we talking the bunny hill area?

    I'd say go to Shawnee. It's less mobbed in general than Camelback & Blue Mountain & is pretty gentle.
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    Shawnee is pretty flat, family friendly, cheap tickets on Liftopia.

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    If you're going with kids, Shawnee offers half price tickets for families (2+ people) Sundays after 3pm. You have to print the coupon from their website though, they won't accept it in your phone.

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    Thanks. I’m more concerned with finding a good hill for them to learn on than cost.

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    Jack Frost has a great area for beginners. It's very flat, wide and on the opposite side of the steeper terrain, so most of the better skiers will be on other side of the resort.

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    Jack frost strikes me as a great place to take the kids to learn. Friendly mountain. Can't speak to the pitch of the learning slope, but that whole side of the mountain is pretty gentle.

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    Blue Mountain has a flat beginner area with its own chair lift down by the lower Valley Lodge- it's completely segregated from the rest of the mountain. Blue also has a terrific snow tubing area down there too which they might like afterwards. From Readington you'd take 78 to 33 north, then onto local roads. Shawnee also has a nice beginner area.
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    I forgot about that area at Blue, no doubt a great separate area to be with other beginners.

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    Bear creek. Long magic carpet lift, beginner only area with its own lift.

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