Wildcat - Half day only, recommendations?


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    Wildcat - Half day only, recommendations?

    I am finding myself in the lakes region this weekend and have about 3 hours to ski. Been wanting to hit up Wildcat for years now. I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck given the limited time frame and what should be great conditions.

    Strong intermediate skier - what are the easier blacks? Any easier/ fairly wide spaced tree skiing to check out? Must do trails (besides polecat)? strategy for three hours?

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    Blacks to avoid would be Al's, Hairball, Starr Line, Black Cat and Feline. Everything else should be fine for your stated ability. They also do not groom most of their black terrain. So, if you are expecting steep groomed terrain for blacks like many mountains have, Wildcat won't have that.

    Lynx, Catapult, Wild Kitten are all great character trails. Wider spaced trees between Cheetah and Lower Wildcat

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