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    Quote Originally Posted by catskillman View Post
    What happened to the CC man?? It's been days.... I guess he realized that everyone on this thread was right about him and his man blueboy.

    The end.
    Maybe he's busy with physical therapy.
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    ...or busy taking care of Blueballs...

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    Hi ho, here I am.

    Something the children and pre elderly commentators here will eventually learn is that you don't knock a man down.

    Someone like this "catskillman" who probably isn't from Catskill at all starts a stupid gossipy thread...then doesn't have the balls to say "hi" to his fellow skier friends at the mountain he goes to because he's a scumbag who gets a kick out of gossiping about someone who got hurt, he knows it, and he's afraid someone wants to fight him because he's so paranoid and knows he's wrong but doesn't have the balls to admit it. Now someone calls him out on it and it turns into an ass kisser thread. Lmfao.

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    Alright guys. Feel free to take the personal battle to private messaging. Thanks

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