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    The existing Snow Bowl FGQ has an uphill capacity of 2400/hr. The new HSQ will be more or less in the same range, keeping downhill traffic in the same range.

    The key to the new HSQ will be spreading the crowds evenly around the lifts and mountain. This is beyond overdue.

    Stratton's other folly is the Shooting Star 6 and Kidderbrook. It should have at least started the Shooting Star at the base of the Vertigo Glades/Free Fall. That still does not answer why they took out the Kidderbrook FGQ rendering the Kidderbrook area a great run that requires a long run out and 2 lift rides to access it again.
    They took it out because it was never used (or so I've read). Why they opted to remove the lift rather than just leave it installed and never run it (except during very select holidays maybe) is beyond me.

    The technical capacity of the snow bowl quad will stay the same, but the usage will go way up. At least on the (limited) weekend days I've been at Stratton, all the 6s + gondola have a line and the snowbowl has a very short line/not every chair is filled (well below max capacity of 2400pph).

    Since there are always large lines at the bottom of most every main lift at Stratton on weekends, those lifts are all basically at max capacity. Pretty sure there are enough crowds that you can transfer some of the folks in line for the other lifts to the snow bowl and those other lifts will still be at max capacity.

    So the total number of skiers on the hill (mostly in the snow bowl) will increase.

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    After Shooting Star went in Kidderbrook sat for the majority of the 2000s just like that, without being used. Intrawest/Fortress eventually had cashflow issues so they decided to sell it. Installing another Kidderbrook lift makes no sense without terrain expansion over there (it's been rumored) or significant terrain reconfiguration. Why they didn't just replace Kidderbrook instead of putting Shooting Star where it is beyond me. A 6 pack that runs only weekends is a sure gauge of that ROI.

    As for Snow Bowl - I foresee it spreading crowds out more than overly increasingly traffic over there.

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    As for Snow Bowl - I foresee it spreading crowds out more than overly increasingly traffic over there.[/QUOTE]

    Thats a contradiction. If you spread crowds out by moving them to the Snowbowl then traffic "over there" will increase. I can maybe buy the argument that the overall mountain crowd will not increase, but the traffic in the Snowball area will definitely increase.
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    Amex to Snowbowl is still likely to be quicker for Summit Access than the "if a mouse farts at Bromley the Stratton Gondola goes on wind hold" lift.... Given that Amex is still likely to be more popular than the new Sunbowl lift, and the roughly equidistant length from the top of Amex to both Ursa and Snowbowl ....

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    People love to ride the gondola! They'll wait in a longer line to not have to ride Amex/Ursa. At least, that's my theory. And I've never figured out why the gondola stops. It's pretty easy to load/unload.

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