April 14 - Sunday River


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    April 14 - Sunday River

    My bf and I scored a freebie at Grand Summit. LOVE it...clean, quiet and SLOPESIDE. We darted over to Southride at 7:30 to score two - two days passes for a deal! We went back and jumped on first chairs for 8 AM. We took Cascade to Barker and enjoyed the conditions. The frozen cord was absent, so we were able to dig in edges for turns. Barker was fun. Ecstasy was nice mid, trail. Monday Mourning was also great. Actually, our fav so far. Really carvable. Lazy River was horrid. Wind blasted hard cord at the top but halfway down, flips to a nice softer descent. Tourist Trap was also sweet. Risky Business off of Spruce was windblasted, hard and frozen. We stopped moving west and went back over to Barker.

    The pond skim was fun. South Ridge had a crowd.

    No lines, super chill.

    Worst run of the day was Moonstruck, only chosen to get back to our hotel. SOLID ICY CORD. Booooo..

    Taking naps, reading and heading back later...

    Then Harvest for kombucha and healthy eats.

    New find we never stopped at is the Health Food Store and also the taco place in Bethel. The tacos weren't bad, not OMG wow, but fit the need for sustenance.

    I promised my partner in fun we'd go to the British pub for Old Speckled Hen!!

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    Thanks for the update. Much different from the weekend before from the sounds of it

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