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    ikon base. super tempted to buy the magic sunday pass on sale for $219. but will probably augment ikon with skiVT-5 and champlain valley card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jully View Post
    I prefer Ragged to Sunapee by a good bit. Less vertical by a couple hundred feet. Groomers are less interesting as a whole, though I like Showboat and Flying Yankee better than any groomer at Sunapee. Sunapee has a fair number of rolls and turns, while Ragged's main blues have a bulldozed feeling (Exhibition, Newfound Ridge, Lower Ridge). I prefer groomers at Sunapee, but you get more skiing in at Ragged as there are fewer crowds and the lifts are shorter and a bit faster.

    However, Ragged has amazing glades when they are open that really make the place shine when open (it is why I prefer it to Sunapee). Also a few smaller, narrow trails (though most of them are short) that are great on a powder day or a non-icy mogul day.
    Thanks for the input.

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