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    Ski Talisman @ Magic top to bottom w/ no stops to catch my balance or catch my breath

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    Skin more up at SR with my dog once they close midweek/as soon as they close for good. Just did it yesterday on what is left and he had a blast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk View Post
    Quit my job. Move to Chamonix and ski there for a season.
    Might try something like this if I can commandeer a room in my son's house in Utah.

    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Spend as much time skiing with my 3 year old as possible, which will be limited as we have a zero year old arriving in November.

    If I can get about a dozen solo days in, I'll be happy. Mainly Wildcat with some days at Magic, Black and Whaleback as well. I bought a McIntyre pass for next year to go along with my Peak Pass as Mac is 40 minutes away which will be good for short sessions with my 3 year old and it includes 3 days a piece at Magic, Whaleback, Black and a few others. Solid deal at $239

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    Congrats on second child. Raise 'em right and the ski karma could come back to you

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    Another one... not use zero degree temps with wind chill as an excuse to stay home. Invest in some techy layers and suck it up..

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    - Take 1st trip out west with entire family since the youngest was really skiing great by end of season. Maybe a week at Aspen because of Ikon.
    - Try to make it to Bolton and or Plattekill to use freedom alliance free tix from Magic Pass
    - Stretch the season at Killington since we have days there from the Ikon
    - Take a Bro trip or solo trip if neccessary to either Jackson Hole or Snowbird (or both )
    - progress in the park with my 10 year old on those boring groomer days.

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    Ski Wachusett after work, keep the legs goin'!
    Ski it like you stole it!

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    Two goals...

    1) Finish breaking in my new boots that I purchased the last weekend of my 2017/18 season and....
    2) Post more on AlpineZone

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    Get some rain gear and get my money's worth out my K spring pass....

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    Offseason goal: stay in good enough shape that my legs don't limit me at the start of the season
    Get better at skiing
    Find more stashes

    And my overall goal of the whole thing: have fun and relax with my family and friends.

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    I guess the most important is for me to hop on the lose weight/get in shape train that is running through this thread. I couldn't ski bumps all winter this year...they'd literally wear me out after a couple runs and that was if I was able to ski them...usually just flopped around. That especially killed me today at Killington. I was completely fine in the woods all year for some reason but everywhere I went I had to avoid bumps. Somehow I went the entire week in Colorado and never felt really worn down at all but I took an entire 6 runs on Superstar today and feel like I got hit by a truck.

    Second is if we have a stretch like this year with good snow but cold, suck it up and go ski. If this season didn't get resurrected in March it would've been a very sour year as I hid indoors while it was cold, then all of a sudden the conditions sucked everywhere for two months. Have to get out there when the snow is good no matter what the weather is.

    Have the Ikon pass for next year. So will likely return to Stratton for the first time in 12 years. Avoided it this year...found Sunapee more appealing. Also returning to Sugarbush for the first time in 9 years...not sure why I've missed it for so of my favorite areas in the east. Will be glad to spend 5 days there. Also trying to pick up a VT 5 pack for use at Stowe, Smuggs, MRG, Jay, and Burke. Haven't been to Stowe since high school, Jay since college, and it's already been a few years since the other 3. And I feel like I've done myself a disservice by not going to magic in 10 years so that's on the plate.

    Lastly is plan another west trip. Absolutely loved Winter Park and Copper and would like to go back, but I'll be in follow the snow mode and with all the choices with Ikon, I could end up just about anywhere.
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    2018-19 days - 19
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    Wachusett: 11/18, 11/19, 11/25, 12/20, 12/23
    Solitude: 1/13; Snowbird 1/14; Deer Valley: 1/15; Alta: 1/16
    Sugarbush: 1/21, 2/3; MRG 1/22; Jay 2/4; Burke 2/5

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