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    Fishing 2018

    I had a good ski season, especially March and April.


    Stoked to start fishing.

    Mike and I went for a row at the East Branch on 5/6. Neither of us expected to catch much just wanted to get out. Bass were invisible save for a 6" largemouth I caught. But we did find some good yellow perch action and caught about a dozen between us:


    Today we went to the controlled river section of the EB and found recently stocked brown trout:


    Feisty rainbow trout:


    and a few beautiful holdover browns:


    Enjoyed wading in the river but damn some of the rocks were deadly slippery.

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    This thread is so inspiring!
    I'm planning a dream fishing trip to Los Roques, already found a good affordable flight from my place through . So very soon I'll be boasting of cool pics too Have you ever been sishing in Los Roques? Can't wait actually for my vacation!

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    Congrats on the browns and rainbows JimG! Love browns and rainbows so much, all we have up here in mid-central to northern Maine are brooktrout and landlocked salmon....have to drive a hundred+ miles for browns/rainbows. Yeah, aluminum studs/bars are the more environmentally friendly but I definitely need a wading staff as well. Such a PITA to need practice in wading/walking in waders...somehow my fore/aft balance needs practice, especially in the pushy currents even of many small brooks up here. Nice shortsleeves....the areas where I like to go up here....temps have yet to stabilize in the low 60s (middays).

    Think everybody could use a week of bonefish in Los Roques olout88...y/n?
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    Yeah wading staffs always wind up being a PITA; I just need some felt soles for my waders for extra traction. But doing that slippery rock dance in the middle of the river and almost filling my waders seems like a yearly right of passage.

    Early on it was chilly but by noon it got warm and I could fish in shirtsleeves. That water is always icy cold right through summer though; fed from the bottom of the reservoir upstream.

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    Great Memories, I'm quite Interested in Fishing as well. As I'm pretty New Hiker I haven't tried yet maybe soon going to do Fishing
    By the way very Inspiring Post

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