Oldest and youngest ages for pass pulled by ski patrol?


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    Oldest and youngest ages for pass pulled by ski patrol?

    Oldest and youngest ages for pass pulled by ski patrol?

    A post in the bra tree thread made me think of this topic...

    I don't want to glamorize misbehavior or disparage ski patrollers (who I greatly respect for looking out for us), but it might be humorous to see who on AZ has had their pass pulled by ski patrol and why? Maybe this will also provide some lessons learned about skier/boarder responsibility.? Special distinction goes to the youngest and oldest to have suffered this ignominy

    Last time I had my pass pulled was about 20 years ago when I was in my mid-40s. Skied a closed run at Timberline, WV and patroller caught me. It was a pretty tame run near a lift line and I guess the coverage was thin. I've skied many open runs over the years that were in much worse condition, but rules are rules. It was the second afternoon of a three day pass and thankfully they let me have it back the next morning. I can't remember if I had a pass pulled as a youngster? I started skiing when I was 14 and I guess I was sneakier then

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    i've never had my pass pulled. i duck ropes almost every single day that i ski in the east. i respect ropes in the west unless i'm following locals into sidecountry, or super mellow areas like pete's bowl or earl's bowl at vail.

    knock on wood.

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    I ski mostly at the Bush and don't duck ropes there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    I ski mostly at the Bush and don't duck ropes there.
    Same here.

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    you don't really need to duck at sugarbush. they are very liberal about opening things and marking thin cover/experts only. its the places that cater to a more gaper/tourist crowd that overly rope things off, where i am likely to duck. glades at okemo being a fine example.

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    Proud to say I've never had a lift ticket clipped. Generally speaking, I think it's pretty Db'ish to not follow a mountain's rules.

    For a "youngest" contestant, when we were 12 years old a friend of mine had his ticket clipped for jumping off a lift at Shawnee, it had stopped 1 or 2 chairs from the top (maybe a 7 foot drop). The patrol made him go in the lodge to the patrol room and watch a short skier safety film (a cartoon I think). I dont remember the full name of the flic, but it included a character named "Mogul Mouse" (not to be confused with the Smuggs' legend with the same name).
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    There are times and places at Sugarbush that require a little rope ducking. Almost every year myself and others usually ski castlerock long before they mention to the public that it's ok to hike. That also goes for other areas that they are slow to open like North or the North links or Spring Fling pods. I have skinned or ducked ropes in those areas most years. Its my risk and it was worth it but certainly not for everybody.

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    I never got caught ducking a rope. Just did it at K last Friday to get over to down draft. Almost got caught once at Gunstock night skiing when I was in college. Ducked the rope on a trail that was not lit but was bright enough from the trail next to it to ski it. My buddy got caught and dragged into the office but I skied faster than he did and went right to the parking lot, changed my jacket and was good to go. He had his ticket clipped and they threatened him with arrest. This may have been the beginning of my friends saying never follow "Smellytele" - name changed to protect the guilty.

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    I've never been caught, knock on wood. The closest was one time on a little liftline at Sugarloaf when a patroller in a chair said to Ms. Shwilly, "Hey, what are you doing?..." I was pointing downhill and didn't even hear him.

    Most of the non-trail stuff that I do is never roped off anyway. Who's to say you're not supposed to duck between those trees and keep going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwilly View Post
    Who's to say you're not supposed to duck between those trees and keep going?

    Almost had a season ski team pass pulled at Berkshire East ... probably age 16 or so ... caught skiing woods at night multiple times. Myself and a buddy both got busted. Coach had to meet us in the office/shack and talk them out of taking the pass.

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