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    Yes. Allegiants is old but in general that’s true. Spirit has the youngest US fleet and Delta is not much better Alligiant. It could also be the lack of seat back displayed that are making there planes seem dated.
    Except you miss some facts. Spirit started out with crappy, old planes too and slowly changed to incorporating new Airbus 320 series aircraft. Allegiant has learned the same though many of their Airbus 320 series they have now are used airframes (but they are adding brand new ones now). Delta has like 7 times the airframes Allegiant does (and that is just mainline, remember while regional partners operate the regional jets, many are actually owned by the mainline) which makes turning their fleet over a longer process. The MD88's will be gone by early next year and they are switching out many of the older equipment for newer. But some older equipment will stay for a while because some, like the 757, don't have a direct replacement for the intercontinental missions they fly (yes, the 737 Max is doing some shorter runs to Europe, but it doesn't have the range or cargo capacity the 757 does).

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    Back to the deal....looks like the Sunapee lease transfer needs to be approved by NH. There will be an open meeting to discuss and get public input.
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