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    Quote Originally Posted by prsboogie View Post
    For me the biggest issue with THC/CBD products in whatever form is there is absolutely no way to know how "stoned" someone is. With alcohol, BAC can be measured and corrolated to enebriation - nothing exists with these.

    And the attitude that it's less harmful than alcohol is a very apathetic though process. Brain cells are still retarded, lung cells are directly damaged when inhaled, it causes massive gastrointestinal issues in smaller but not insignificant portion of users, and leads to coronary issues. Besides the direct lung effects all relate to alcohol use as well.

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    The even bigger issue when CBD/THC debates often happen, is that far too often the pro CBD/THC group are completely locked into the opinion that there is absolutely no negative effects, and often only beneficial effects from use, and the anti CBD/THC crowd is of the opinion that it's all bad and only negative effects.

    The reality is that there are likely both good and bad parts to CBD/THC use/consumption, but not enough is known of the pros and cons to definitively say

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    In 2018 it seems rude to smoke or vape anything near others who aren't partaking. No one wants to smell your cigarettes or your dirt weed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    Edit to add: outside of Killington, where apparently smoking in lift lines is cool. Literally the only place I've been where I've seen that.
    I guess you've never been to Hunter.

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    Not smoking/vaping on a chair with strangers is VERY basic etiquette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTKilarney View Post
    Not smoking/vaping on a chair with strangers is VERY basic etiquette.
    I very much agree. Its weird to do it when its not obviously agreed upon by all present on a chair/gondy. Anyone that does that without explicit permission is either stupid or a teenager.

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    I went skiing at Sunday River one morning with my son and his then girlfriend. They told me to go ahead of them so I ASSUMED they were going to smoke a cigarette. Got to the top of the lift and there was a ski patrol person intently staring at the lift. Asked him what was up as you usually do not see that. He said he was waiting for someone. A few chairs later off come my son and his girlfriend. As they skied over to me, the patrolman called them. Right behind them on the chair was the general manager of Sunday River, Dana Bullen. As I, at the time, owned real estate at Sunday River, I knew Dana casually. Dana at once noted that the kids skied over to me, and he skied up , looked right at me and asked, "Do these two belong to you"? I nodded and spoke, yes. Dana and the patrol chewed them out as Dana had visitors with them and did not appreciate the skunky smoke smell that wafted back at them, but did NOT pull their tickets. I can only think if I was not there that he would have. As they all left, I asked my son what on earth had prompted him to smoke weed on the chair in front of the resort general manager? His reply, "Gee. I did not know who he was" He knows now!!!!

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    Speaking as one of the few younger guys on one plank not two on the forum I completely 120% agree that it is beyond assinine to smoke with kids on a lift. 9 times out of 10 I'm riding in the singles line, I'd probably say something right to the person within 60 seconds if I was riding the Bluebird and say there's was a parent and kid and another single rider or couple and they sparked up. That's beyond ridiculous and crossing a line. You can't wait until the next ride up in 10 minutes? Then somehow manage to not get on that chair if you are determined to smoke. That being said, if you're an adult of legal age and it's just you and friends and it's a quiet day and no kids are on the chairs around you...well you know the risk and your decisions are your business, just don't get caught dummy.

    Then there's these people that kill themselves, Im talking like break through the gate almost knocking the 7 year old over to get on this chair practically falling over poles flying around, or slick racer boys, take it easy, especially midweek when the place is empty, weekends I get it a little bit. It's definitely frustrating when you don't even notice the guy who flew in behind you at the last second until your almost sitting on top of him(or her) and then the next 8 chairs behind are empty, just makes no sense to me.

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    I have been on the blue bird before loading from the singles line and got on with a group of 5 that lit right up under the visor. I was sitting on the edge and tried to inhale the least amount possible and tried to get any fresh air I could. As I mentioned I am drug tested at work but used to smoke. Luckily half way up the idiots dropped the joint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG. View Post
    I guess you've never been to Hunter.
    Nope, and I consider that a positive.

    But I can certainly see how their clientel is similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    Nope, and I consider that a positive.

    But I can certainly see how their clientel is similar.
    The only response to this thread I cared to post until now.

    I agree with snoseek I enjoy safety meetings in the trees. I don't want to smell other people's smoke or beverages. Especially on an enclosed lift. But I know folks who insist on partaking on lifts who don't care what other people think.

    I'm not a fan of tension or self-righteousness.
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