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Thread: Ranks?

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    Just looking for feedback on ranks. Do you like/dislike forum member ranking? Why/Why not? Here are the current ranks:

    Flatlander - 0-4 posts -

    Trailie - 5-49 posts -

    Treeliner - 50-99 posts -

    Ridge Ranger - 100-499 posts -

    Peak Master- 500-999 posts -

    AlpineZone Authority - 1000+ posts -

    Some of the rank titles are a bit corney. If I decide to keep them, anyone have any new suggestions? They shouldn't be skiing or hiking-specific.
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    I voted yes, but...

    I would be in favor of removing the named ranks and just having the AZ logo bar.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen
    I would be in favor of removing the named ranks and just having the AZ logo bar.
    This could be a good compromise. Thoughts?
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    Sounds good to me! The names are a little corny!
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    I like the first four names. The last 2 are a bit iffy (What the others said). Particularly, having the most posts do not necessarily make one and expert with skiing or hiker knowledge. You just are very good at posting more than others.

    Every bb I ever visited (on any subject) keeps track of the number of posts. I strongly feel this number is more important over the title one receives.

    For example, if any question is asked wouldn't people with more posts be trusted over a person with only a few posts. I have always felt this way.
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    I'll second what Magic said. I like the first four names and their associated post counts. The last two names are a little cheesy, IMHO. How about these:

    Peak Master = Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
    AlpineZone Authority = Needs AlpineZone Addiction Intervention (sorry Greg! )
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    Are newbies really that intimidated by joining up a new online group? That surprises me. Guess it's just not my style. If the counters/numbers do intimidate newcomers, I think Stephen's suggestion (just the logo bars that grow as posting increases) is a good one.

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    Based on some of the comments here, I've decided to hide the rank titles for now. In the event that we can come up with some really cool new ones, I can easily re-enable them. I agree rank title 4, and 5 (and even 3) are pretty corney. I think flatlander is pretty funny, although I have received PMs from newcomers asking why they were labeled that, especially since "they've lived or played in the mountains for years"...

    I think Trailie and Treeliner are pretty unique too. I'd love to come up with two or three clever single word rank titles for the higher ranks. I've considered the following:
    • Peakbagger (denotes hiking though and the rank titles should be generic enough to cover both AZ activities)
    • Summiteer (the actual definition is one who attends a summit meeting, but we can create our own def, right?)
    • Addict, or Peak Addict, or AZ Addict (corney again, I know. I'm out of ideas...)
    Feel free to make suggestions!
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    If someone other than Greg hits 1,000 posts, they deserve a corny title.

    Even 500 - Stephen's close but he automagically gets "moderator", so for the very few that will eventually get it (MtnMagic? ChileMass? myself?) it can be somewhat grain-of-salt.

    I just checked - Joshua's at 488. He should definitely merit some "title abuse" at the 500 mark.
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    I still like the first 4. It's 5 & 6 that are iffy. Although I can't think of any good original names, I like peakbagger (over master) way better.

    To me, summiteer implies peak bagging but does mean one who gathers at a summit (meaning discussion) Yes, peakbagger

    Isn't 5 names enough?

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