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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    Not weird as much as dumb. Plain dumb.
    Lot of junk there.

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    Farting Passenger Causes Fight, Emergency Landing in Vienna

    A Transavia flight from Dubai to Amsterdam’s Schipol airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna on February 11, after a fight broke out because a passenger refused to stop passing gas.

    Four Dutch citizens – two male and two female – were ejected from the flight in Vienna after the airline said the “unruly passengers” could pose a hazard to flight safety, according to Dutch media reports.
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Wow.
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    This photo captures one of those bizarre, but wonderful moments that restores your faith in humanity! Last week the Detroit police got the cooperation of a bunch of truckers to line up under a bridge in the event they were needed to break the fall of a suicidal man threatening to jump 14' into moving traffic. It took three hours, but the man was finally talked out of it.

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    Glad that story had a good ending. Hopefully, the person can get the help they need. I read a few articles on this story. Apparently, it's a pretty common thing they'll do in similar situations. Hopefully, it brings light to tough spots people are in during life.

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