You might have done better asking what other peoples favorite overnighters have been. The White Mountain guide is a great book..... once you have some familiararity with the Whites. I know its been said, but the best thing you can do is hook up with an experienced hiker. Although, all my overnighters have been loner trips, I got my start doing day hikes with a friend who was a regular to the Whites. Try tagging along with some of the outings mentioned on here, (and other hiking forums) to get a feel for the difference. Once you have some ideas about trails you might want to do, google them, there is alot of info about the different peaks and trails. Many people have posted their exeriences online. Personally, I am going to make a familiar day hike into an overnighter. Traveling up the Greenleaf Trail, and along the Franconia Ridge Trail, I plan to camp at the Liberty Springs Tent Site. THe next morning, early I hope, I intend to summit Mt. Liberty, then make my way back across the ridge trail, and back down Greenleaf to my car. Good luck.