Klein Reve Rode Bike 4 Sale


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    Klein Reve Rode Bike 4 Sale

    Have a Klein Reve Road Bike 4 sale. $1150. Mint...Many new Components.

    Frame-58cm (600 miles) Shifters- Ultegra (300 miles); Derailluers-Ultegra/DA (new); Wheels-Bontrager Race (600 miles); Crank-Bontrager Race X-Lite Triple (new); Cassette/Chain-105(new); Fork-Bontrager Race X-Lite. Race X-Lite Bont. Seatpost; 42cm generic bars, seat, stem; 700X28 Bontrager Race X-Lite tires (new).

    Features S.P.A. (suspension performance advantage)...smooths out road buzz very nicely w/o adding weight or complexity. Used in Paris-Robais. Beautiful finish. Mint condition.

    I work at a bike shop and, Trek closed-out some Pilot 5.9 frames that I couldn't refuse. Parted-out the above Klein to complete - that's why there are so many new or, nearly new components.

    Professionally maintained, boxed & shipped.

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    you have any pictures of this? my buddy is looking for a roadbike..
    Current ski's (in size order)

    - 160 Rossignol Cuts (rock skis; spray-painted gold/black
    fade with a Salomon 711ps binding)
    - 165 Rossignol R11 Mutix (axial 140)-FOR SALE
    - 169 K2 FUGATIVES (Salomon Z10ti binding)-SOLD
    - 198 K2 X15 MINT.. (Market M29)

    Days on the snow= 34

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