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    Elan A06 168cm, Marker M900, Dolomite AX07

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    You asked for an old-schooler. Here's my best shot:

    1966 Rental wooden ski, cable binding, leather tie-up boot.
    1967-69 Wooden skis, (unknown manufacture) cable binding, leather Koflach tie-up boot.
    1970 Buckle leather boot, wooden ski with "step-ins" by Tyrolia. Je suis arrivee.
    1971-72 Black Head Standard, 150 cm, Tyrolia, Koflach boot, borrowed Jet-Stix.
    1973-75 170 cm Head Standard, Tyrolia, Koflach
    1975-78 180 cm Head Standard, Tyrolia, Lange Banshee flow-type boot (orange) Boot froze solid in trunk.
    1979-1983 Rossignol 180, Salomon, Nordica boot
    1983-1988 Rossignol 180, Salomon, Salomon boot
    1988-2003 Various rentals during parenting of small children. Rossignols dead due to salt from car rack.
    2003-2005 Atomic, Salomon, Nordica (demo package)
    2005-2007 Dynastar, Salomon, Nordica
    2007-2008 K2 Apache Crossfire, Marker, New boots to be determined. (most $$ ever spent).

    1966-2008... Is that old school?
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    '74-'79 rossi's 170 something (no clue to model) nordica boots, look binders/safety straps
    '80-'89 hexcel (navy/green neon) 190s salomon binders, dolomite super stiff boots
    '90-'00 rd coyote's 210's, salomons, nordica something or others
    '01-'05 head super/cyber x ti 182'ish (first shaped ski!) tyrolia lt100
    '06 head iXRC 1100 177 / ld12's / head edge 9.5's
    '07 fischer riu 180's
    man i keep skis and cars waaay too long!
    "that feeling: hovering in a weightless space with honey on the tip of your tongue and pure red blood gorging your heart, soaring on a current of angelic music cutting clear mountain air." -norman ollestad, crazy for the storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiDork View Post
    gawd - you're right it's tough....

    here goes...

    Hart Mercurys
    Fischer RC4s
    Olin Mark IIIs
    Rossi (some silver looking models)

    know what? Too tough to remember...
    Hart Mercury
    Fischer RC4 Superglass
    Olin Mark III S
    Rissignol 4S
    K2 5500
    Volkl G4?(first shaped)
    Hart F17
    Fischer RC4
    Rossi Mogul
    Fischer RC4
    Phantom Crystal Ships
    Fischer RC4

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    2004-05: Rentals
    2005-06: Dynastar Agyl 6 170cm, Lange CRL 80
    2006-07: Elan Speedwave 14 168cm, Elan Magfire 10 173cm, Lange Comp 120 W

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