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    Camel's Hump

    MichaelJ, AMSTony and I bagged Camel's Hump yesterday, a beautiful autumn day though mighty windy on top. This was a wonderful introduction to VT for me, and a kickoff to my NE67. AMSTony and MichaelJ had already started that list last week so I've got some catching up to do!

    Here are some pix!

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    I'll post a trip report (in conforming layout) this evening after the Patriots game. For now, you can check out my pictures here.

    Go Pats!
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    Great pictures. I'm sure the 2nd one is Michael J's favorite.

    I'm glad to see you're all dilligently working on the rest of the 67. I finished my 48 on 9/14/03 and 67 on 11/2/03. Therefore, I know it's a realistic goal for you to finish this fall if you're willing to schedule that pilgrimage to Millinocket.

    Go Red Sox!

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    It was a beautiful mountain, and it was great to get in some hiking in VT -- the state of my ancestors (sadly, my mom broke a seven-generation chain by moving to CT before I was born!) It sure is beautiful terrain.

    Don't think I'll finish the 67 this year though.

    As for the Sox -- go Yanks! There's nothing like listening to a Yanks game on the radio with a rabid Sox fan talkin' trash for inning after inning -- only to have Ruben Sierra bang out a three-run dinger, putting the Yanks on the path to yet another come-from-behind victory! Sorry, MichaelJ, couldn't resist! We Yanks fans know it takes 27 outs before the fat lady sings! (That said, I think the Sox will take the next round in 5 or 6 games )

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    A great hike and great views from the summit. The foliage is really close to peak up there, and the cliff wall on the Monroe trail into Camels Hump is a awesome sight.

    Cantdog-This was # 51 for me, still got a long way to go........ I don't think I'll have the time to finish this year, more probably next Summer is a realistic goal.

    That was a great game to listen to on the drive back from Waterbury too,!!

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