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    Well here are some pics of most of my new stuff for this year. Not the jacket or pants though.

    Scott Mission (17
    Rossi Axial 120
    Dalbello Proton 12
    Spy Soldiers (X2)
    Scott Motive (free from rep)
    Scott Race poles with hand guards
    Shin guards
    Giro G10 MX
    Giro Talon

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    Jezz, Hawkshot. Maybe this list would be easier if you list what type of gear you haven't gotten this season

    Those Scott Missions tops sheets are beautiful. Never considered those before, the specs look good and I might add that to my short list (yet another ski I probably will not be able to find a demo for. why are all the good looking skis not made by the majors?). Please post a review of the skis after you have some days on natural snow if you don't mind, 'twoud be appreciated!
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    Hawkshot.......kindred spirits are we!


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