Oakley D1 Watch

No, we didn't forget to put a '1' in front of the price. Our pricing guys were quite sane and sober when they came up with this one-the Oakley D1 Sport Watch. The Oakley D1 Watch is a large-sized sports chronograph that delivers the features you need for training or race day. In this digital timepiece, Oakley focuses on an ergonomic fit and five easy-to-use functions, and cuts out the riffraff. In addition to showing the date/time, the D1 has a chronograph (that's a fancy stopwatch for those of us not in the know), a data timer, and a three function alarm-no mas. An intuitive design and straight-forward layout will win over athletes who want to focus on their training regimen, not on memorizing a complicated user's manual.
Price: $37.50 (79% Off!)
Regularly: $179.95

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