2007-10-13 Tecumseh


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    2007-10-13 Tecumseh

    Date(s) Hiked: 2007-10-13

    Trails(s) Hiked: Tecumseh Summit trail, Sosman, Superquad line

    Total Distance: 6


    Conditions: Sunny then very cold up top

    Special Required Equipment: Gloves

    Trip Report:

    This trip almost didn't happen. The weather report was such that we didn't really plan on this. And the Pats are playing the cowboys tomorrow and I'm gonna watch that game. But I digress....

    Upon looking out the window, we decided that we could indeed get in a hike. We had been holding Tecumseh for just such a day. We grabbed our day packs, stuffed some food and clothes in them and were off. Dog's tail was a waggin, also.

    A couple hours later, we are at the trailhead and heading up. The higher we go in the woods, the cooler it becomes. As we near the summit, I see a couple, and they are decked out in gear, and looking warm. We pass a bit of snow and ice on the way up. As soon as we get up there, it's off with the sweaty t-shirts and on with dry clothes, lots of them. It isn't even 40 degrees up there. The views are pretty good, but you have to look thru the trees.

    While we are up there, another party has a trail description. We forgot ours (She thought I got it, I thought she did....) and were gonna backtrack down the hill. He lets me read the trail description, and we decide to head down the ski trails. What an awesome idea that was. The scenery on the way down was worth the whole day.

    On the way down, we found a still working radio and a clipboard. We turned them in at the bottom. The staff was doing rescue practice. (Get ready folks, we want you to be ready for us when snow flies!!!). They were even practicing taking an injured person off the roof. I feel for the person strapped on the board.....

    Seems this will be our last hike this season. I had surgery Memorial day, and my wife goes in on Wednesday for throat stuff, and will be out of comission for 3 weeks. It's a gonna be a lot colder then, and we will not be acclimated well. We generally stop hiking in early November anyways.

    So far, we have hiked 17 of the 48 4K's. 2005 we did 2, 2006 we did 6, 2007 we did 9. Yup we are tracking them. Nice hikes and might as well get ourselves a patch.

    We'll be back to hiking next spring some. Maybe we'll even do another one or two sooner....
    lovin life,


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    Stop hiking in November? That's when it starts to get really good, as the trails smooth and even out, the bugs are gone, and the crowds vanish.

    Just giving you grief - glad you had a good hike. Tecumseh's a good little hike. I've been up a couple of times, the next one I hope to traverse from the parking lot to Tripoli Road (though that's not winter-able since that road closes).

    Yesterday there were 2 inches of snow on the Osceolas up high, surely the same on Tecumseh. Can't be long before the guns start running!
    Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face. - Dave Barry
    Waterville 11/30; Loon 12/7; Cannon 12/13, 1/17, 2/23; Sugarloaf 12/20, 21-22; Bretton Woods 1/3; Jay Peak 1/24-25; Heavenly 2/9; Squaw Valley 2/10-2/11; Wachusett 3/3; Sunday River 3/7-8

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    Michael, It's a nice traverse. Chomp & i did it a couple of years ago...
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    I know, it is awesome hiking then. We may just get out a do some anyways. But we also have some home projects that we have put off for too long......

    New Mantra: More play, less work.

    lovin life,


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