Whatever happened to...?


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    Whatever happened to...?

    Just curious of brand history, as to who took over who and who just died out or stopped selling to the US. Ie. Raichle or San Marco probably being absorbed into Head boots, Koflach, Kastle?, Olin, Hexcel, Kneissl, etc...

    Since I took off a few years in the new century I am not up to date on what happened to many of the former strong brands.

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    I know Raichle is still making hiking boots. They just got out of the ski boot business. Dalbello bought the patents and trademarks and are producing a Flexon like boot. A company called Full Tilt (owned by K2 I believe) bought the actual factory and molds and is producing the orginal Flexons.

    Olin and Pre I think were absorbed by K2 as well. Not sure about Kneissl I thought they were still making skis. Hexcels been gone a long time.
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    SanMarco was bought by Head. Kastle was bought by Benneton, owner of Nordica at the time...then they started buidling skis under the Nordica name...now Kastle is making a comeback as a niche brand this season. Kneissel is still around...just pretty obscure in the US. Koflach was bought by Atomic when they got into the boot market...still use the Koflach name for mountaineering boots.

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