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    It's a shame you folks aren't closer to Concord, NH...
    Yup, for more than one reason..

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    Trying on various boots isn't only for finding what Does fit the best, it also helps to know what boots don't quite various areas..for your feet and lower leg, then the online purchasing isn't quite as big a gamble...


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    It seems to me that shops usually have an abundance of intermediate boots left over every year. Check out all of the shops in your area. If you can, go at a time when it won't be crowded. Take your time. If it hurts a little in the store it'll hurt a lot on the hill. I bet you can find some good deals out there.

    If you buy online take shipping into consideration. There is a good chance that you won't like the fit and have to return them. Check the sites return policy. If you have to pay for return shipping then that's money down the drain. Earlier this summer I bought a pair of X-Wave 10's from REI's Outlet website because they were wicked cheap. I had them shipped to the closest REI store for free. I brought them home, tried them on and my feet were in pain within ten minutes. I just returned them at REI's store so I didn't have to pay shipping. If you have problem feet It's probably a slim chance you'll get a good fitting pair of boots without trying them on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grassi21 View Post
    With my limited knowledge and experience I would say the brand doesn't matter as much as the fit.
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    Why don't you sell you old boots at the swap and use the money to buy some new (last yr model) boots from a shop that will then work with you to make the boots fit? I got $50 for a pair of 10 yr old boots (they were in good shape) that I never thought would sell at the Wachusett swap. I'm looking to get my wife a new pair this winter too and I saw the shop at Wa had a lot of nice womens boots for around $200. You should be able to find something for that or less in a local shop.

    I bought my latest pair of boots online, but I already had a good idea of how they would fit and knew I was going to go to a bootfitter. I got a good deal, but under most circumstances I wouldn't recommend buying online unless you have already tried on the boots. And you loose out on the benefit of having a shop to go to for fitting tweaks.
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