KIDS SMALL Brain Bucket


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    KIDS SMALL Brain Bucket

    shes outgrown the XS, which now will be passed down to her now we are in the market for a kids Small helmet...any suggestion on any blowouts from last season? Prefer a full to the new ones with the earflaps...she had a Boeri which was great


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    The half helmets are much more comfortable. Unless they are racing I would get one of them over a full helmet. Plus the fulls almost never have venting.

    Giro is the only brand that I am familiar with, so that is all I will mention

    Giro Richochet -

    This helmet has a ratchet system on the back. Nice because as the childs head grows, you can make the helmet bigger, rather than buying a new one.
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    I like the full ones. My kids are both in the giro Talon, it is a great helmet.

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    Most of the major mfgs have an adjustable helmet for kids. Giro has the Ricochet, Marker has the Tracer Plus, Leedom has the Stomper, Boeri has the Stinger. I believe the Tracer Plus to be the only full shell adjustable. The others mentioned here are all shorty shell. If your kids are racing they have to use the full shell. Most of the helmets sold are the shorty shell. Either style goes through the same testing/approvals so they are deemed equal by the safety gods. The ear flaps on the short shell helmets are usually very warm.

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