Wanted: All Mtn ski


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    Wanted: All Mtn ski

    If anyone out there has an all mtn ski in decent condition they want to sell, shoot me a pm. was gonna do this on e-bay but thought i'd try here first. 170-180cm ski. Doesnt have to be in prime condition by any means, but still usable.

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    FYI, the annual Sundown ski swap is this weekend, might want to stop by and have a look.


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    ..AR6 got a good review in FreeSkier...Hazmat looks nice

    A few...however bumps and hardpack may not be their forte.. Don't know how much you like the smell/taste of bark in the morning.....boottop+: both probably pretty good.....$.01

    I think womens skis get somewhat of a more honest reviews than some of the mens boards...just mo.
    I thought the Sept issue of SKI magazine sounded actually pretty interesting for women's skis....
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