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    [Originally posted by Hike_N_Mike]:

    What motivates you to give up all the comforts of home, put on fairly uncomfortable boots, carry a heavy pack, put up with insects and unpredictable weather, risk injury, and forego good and easily obtained food to go backpacking in the woods? I know my own motivation, but would like to hear from others. Thanks.

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    To spend some quality time with newgirl.

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    It keeps me normal.If I don't get out for a hike once a week I just feel down and out of it.

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    Knowing what I'll feel like and how it'll be once I get out there. It's like the love/hate relationship that I have with running. I can find many reasons why I haven't got the time or inclination to do it but once I'm doing it I feel good about it.

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    To me, getting into the mountains is the most spiritual experience -- way more than sitting inside in a church listening to some guy drone on from a pulpit. I don't consider myself religious at all (can you tell?), but to me, the mountains put me closer in touch with God and the very basis of life. I feel at peace in the woods. And I love the challenges the mountains provide: mental, physical, etc. It strikes a cord on a whole bunch of levels.

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    Because it feels so good when I stop.

    Seriously, there's no satisfaction like that of utter exaustion after a long day. It shows you your soul, who you are underneath it all. Hardly the only reason, more like part of some bigger reasons.

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