Cool Possible Ski Game


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    Cool Possible Ski Game

    I stumbled onto this and It's actually named Make-Your-Own-Opoly, and is a customizable Monopoly game. Initial reviews I've read are very positive. Seems kind of cool. You can use ski areas rather than streets. Put Condos and Lifts on them, etc. Apparently every aspect of the game can be custom made using your computer and printer.


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    OK, I'm bored, so here are some suggestions for ski areas:

    Boardwalk--Stowe? Killington?
    The ASC resorts as the "Railroads" or the Booth Creek Resorts
    Jail=January thaw! Hang the skis up!

    Tuckerman's should be there.

    Oy....the possibilities are endless.
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    Santa bought Loon-opoly for my kids last year. I believe all the profits went to charity. (Disable skiiers I belive.) Kind of fun.
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    Problem is, what do you pick for the purple "slums"?

    On second thought, don't answer that, that could be a bad turn of this thread.

    How about a first aid station instead of jail and a season pass instead of free parking?


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    Good point I don't remember how it worked out. I thought it was mostly trails that were used, not as many properties. I'll take a gander this weekend. That could cause some anger if a property was valued (Purple). Well if you are in the mountains there a few purple slums.
    Skiing is my addiction.

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    Another good

    Another great game is Ski Resort Tycoon. In the fashion of Roller Coaster Tycoon, you create your own ski resort. It's very addictive!


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