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    I wish bank CD rates kept pace with inflation..they were 5+ percent when inflation was low and now less than 4 percent with high inflation...
    That's pretty much the normal course of things. Low interest rates = plentiful money supply = high inflation. Conversely, high interest rates = expensive money = low inflation. Supply and demand. It's all about the curves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ski_resort_observer View Post

    You can drive yourself crazy looking at all the ying/yang things out there.
    Unfortunately, that's what I do for a living. Fortunately, I'm already a bit crazy, so it all works out.

    I don't disagree that the Fed has done a good job. It's just that their hands are tied in a lot of ways- given three competing issues, they ahve to focus on the one that A) has the gretest potential for massive distruption and 2) that they can do something about. It's unfortunate that the Fed is now stuck in the role of market stabilizer, since that's not really their job. They don't have any traditional tools for doing that, which is why Bernanke was a good choice- he spent a lot of his academic career studying how the Fed has gotten things wrong in the past. At the very least, he knows what not to do.

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