Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider Fluid Alpine Ski w/ PX12 Wide Bindings


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    Arrow Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider Fluid Alpine Ski w/ PX12 Wide Bindings

    Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider Fluid Alpine Ski w/ PX12 Wide Bindings

    The Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider Fluid Alpine Ski w/ PX12 Wide Binding hungers for every part of the mountain. This extremely versatile all-mountain ski floats the pow when the flakes are fresh and carves the cords with equal balls. With its tough, but lightweight construction, Dynastar's powerful Autodrive binding-integration technology helps the Legend Mythic Rider charge through any snow condition or terrain with confidence. The PX12 Binding mounts onto Dynastar's integrated Fluid binding mounts seamlessly for direct and precise power transmission from binding to ski. The Legend Mythic Rider's wide shovel rises up above light snow while you charge the deeps, and the reinforced sidewalls hold a tight line when you session the piste after a lap in the back bowls. Damp and stable, this all-mountain charger likes high-speeds and tight lines. Dynastar's 3D construction cuts down on weight so you ski harder and longer.
    Price: $412.87 (62% Off!)
    Regularly: $1099.00

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    That's a crazy deal...
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    I was thinking the same thing.

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    Glad I didn't bite on the 8800's at the Sports Authority last night when I was there. I did grab a pair of the 165's here earlier at that price. But I am glad that I did go to SA last night cause I noticed that Dynastars seem a little short for the sizes they mark.(by the way Greg, the 168's were still there)

    Now I just need to find a way to block the Steep and Cheap website from my computer, in the past month I have spent too much money on there, skis for my sister, sunglasses, this pair of skis and the list goes on!
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    I pulled the plug!!! $426 including shipping. I'm stoked!!!

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    Just bought skis 2 weeks ago or else I'd jump on that. F#$%!!!!

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