Just a friendly reminder to please keep the discussion here civil. I've made the decision to lock a few threads in the skiing forum lately. My approach in this regard is to simply lock topics after all points have been made and/or the discussion turns into a flame war, or senseless debate.

The forum policies clearly state no trolling. I reserve the right to classify anyone that likes to post just to incite debate as a troll. I will generally PM such a member and ask them to stop the behavoir (that never works) and if it continues, the member may be banned.

Sometimes it's tough for me and the moderators to sift through what's a legitimate opinion and what's antagonism aimed at starting a flame war. I don't want to inhibit anyone's right to voice an opinion, but please try to do so in a mature and respectful way. Locking/deleting threads, or banning members may not be popular, but it's sometimes necessary to preserve the quality of discussion.

My goal is to keep this a civil place where everyone can feel comfortable contributing. Antagonistic members make potential lurkers reluctant to post for fear of being attacked or ridiculed. That hurts the success of this forum and in my opinioin, is also a direct insult to me.

Finally, please don't feed the trolls' need for attention and do your best to simply ignore them (I'm as guilty of not doing this as anyone...). Can we just play nice now?